Just a year ago if you asked me if I’d ever considered living in Korea, my answer would be a definitive no. It’s not that I had anything against the idea. It’s just that I’d never really given it much thought at all.

We’ve always wanted to live overseas, but always imagined doing so in Europe. It felt easier and definitely more familiar.

Last October, we visited Korea for the first time, touring with some colleagues from Joan’s school (which not incidentally had roughly a 30% Korean student population). We wined and dined through cosmopolitan Seoul and hiked and explored laid-back Jeju Island. And the unknown became the known.

Joan was offered a contract as director of admission at a fantastic international school in Seoul. My work as an outdoor adventure writer can be done anywhere with a decent Internet connection — and South Korea has the fastest average broadband speeds in the world.

A plan was hatched, the offer accepted and soon we were packing and moving 5,972 miles — er, 9,611 kilometers (still getting used to that) from Los Angeles to Seoul. We landed on July 2nd, and started work on July 4th (no, it’s not a holiday in Korea).

Itaewon alley

We are Seoul Travelers

Yes, we are travelers, but we’re not tourists. This is our home. We are on a journey of discovery, and we (along with other travelers) hope to share those discoveries with you.

For fellow travelers, whether living in Seoul or just passing through, we hope you find that some of our discoveries become yours as well.

For our friends and family around the world, this will give you a glimpse into our world, and strengthen our connections.

Whatever brings you here, we hope we can give you a reason to smile.

Jeff & Joan